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Snow reverse gold earring

Maria Black

Snow reverse gold earring

BuySnow reverse gold earring

EUR 70.00
Article number b-mb-snowreverseg_guld_højre
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Snow Reverse earring from Danish jewellery designer Maria Black. The earring functions as a lock when you team the earring with another Maria Black earring.Please be aware that oxidation and gilding are surface treatments that will eventually wear off. Maria Black's jewellery becomes personal and unique because each individual wears the pieces differently. Mix and match with other jewellery, don't be afraid of mixing different metals and give your outfit a cool finish.

  • Choose between: Left, right
  • Quality: Goldplated 925 sterling silver
  • Colour: Gold
  • Details: Reverse earring, functions as a lock, handmade
  • Please note: This style is sold by piece

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