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Tokyomilk Handcreme - Gin & Rosewater

Tokyo Milk

Tokyomilk Handcreme - Gin & Rosewater

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EUR 20.00
Article number ilb-16b12 rose_multi_os
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Margot Elena is famous in the beauty industry for her ability to launch labels that take people by storm - for their scent, quality and look. She pairs perfumes with illustrations, hand creams with unique packaging and scents with each other turning heads on the street. Let yourself be enthralled - we certainly are.This indispensible hand cream has a scent of citrus, rosewood and mimosa and is made from moisturizing and rich shea butter cream.

  • Content: 64 g
  • Colour: Multi
  • My tip: Treat your hands like you treat your face. They can also reveal your age.